THURSDAY, October 3rd


Day 5. POWER GATHERING – Thursday, Oct. 3, 2019, 9am - 12:30pm, Film at 1pm

A gathering to discuss current events and what direction Lesbians and their female allies will take to become a strong collective voice in opposition to the rising tide of right wing politics and its message of racism, anti-immigration and controlling female reproduction is blazing a path across America.

Topics of Discussion followed by the documentary film, American Revolutionary:


Taking Control of Your Safety – Americans have taken the 2nd Amendment to the point that there are now 20% more guns that people.  Does that make effective gun control a myth? Among the leading causes of death among women are injuries from physical assault, often with guns. Should women advocate for gun control and at the same time arm themselves as a means of self-defense?


Working Within the System - Should progressive women in the Democratic Party follow the lead of The Tea Party in The Republican Party and break with the traditional party leadership? Can there be real economic and social change without moving away from two party system in which both parties are controlled by corporate money and influenced by corporate lobbyists?


Sick and Tired of Talking about Race - Martin Luther King said that racism has only one logical conclusion, genocide. Recent events in El Paso seem to support that. Why can’t we resolve issues of race?  


The New Lesbian Community – In the old days life was simple. Today, who is in and who is outside of the Lesbian community is harder to define as women choose to define their sexuality in broader terms much to the chagrin of older lesbians.  What does the new lesbian community look like? Whatever happened to softball and dyke bars?Were those really the good old days?

Incarceration – The incarceration of women in prison has jumped more than 1000% in the last 30 years and the trend continues.  Statistics show that Lesbians are more often convicted and given more time that their straight counterparts. Is this an extension of the new Jim Crow? What factors are leading more women to prison and what is the result?


Film -  American Revolutionary


Following the Gathering you are invited to stay for pizza, beer and wine to view the film - American Revolutionary
The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs. The inspiring award-winning story of a 99 year old Chinese feminist and political activist from Detroit.   

LOCATION:  Palm Springs Women’s Club, 314 S. Cahuilla, PS 92262 

TICKETS: $25 (new price) - includes lunch

Lauren Nile

Author & Lecturer

Motivational speaker, author of Race: My Story and Humanity’s Bottom Line. Host of Podcast, Crucial Conversations for our Survival.

Joy Silver

Political Activist

A Lesbian political activist from Palm Springs who ran a surprisingly close race for California State Senate in 2018 against a long-term incumbent backed by big money from the far right.  

An old-school progressive activist from Old Lesbians Organized for Change (OLOC) who is major political influencer in local politics.

Ruth Debra

Community Organizer

Amy Horowitz

Co-Founder, Sisterfire

Dr. Amy Horowitz has over four decades of experience in the academy, the music industry, and grassroots arts networks.  She is cofounder of Roadwork and the Sisterfire Festival and served as artist representative for Sweet Honey In The Rock 1977-94. She received a GRAMMY for co-producing the reissue of Anthology of American Folk Music while Acting Director of Smithsonian Folkways Recordings.

Catherine Samuel Polk

Community Activist

She was incarcerated for several years and has used that experience as a member of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition to advocate for restoring voting rights to people who lost them as a result of interaction with the justice system. She has recently been recognized for her work defending the rights of low-income workers and families. She also has first- hand experience with conditions inside the private prison system. 

Angela Barnes

Campaign Manager

QTPOC grassroots organizer from the Inland Empire. She's managed 2 recent campaigns, both for LGBTQ millennial candidates: Denise Davis for Redlands City Council (now Mayor Pro Tem,) and Erin Edwards for Riverside City Council (now lead candidate after primary run.) She's also currently volunteering for QTPOC candidate of California State Senate District 23, Abigail Medina. Currently the Fundraising Trustee for the Chicano Latino Caucus of San Bernardino County, and the Government Liaison for Redlands Chapter Citizens Climate Lobby.

Jennifer Campbell

San Diego City

Jennifer Campbell is a politician and retired physician in San Diego, California. She currently serves as a member of the San Diego City Council representing City Council District 2. Campbell is from Pittsburgh. She has a BA from George Washington University and an MD degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Her election in 2018 became "San Diego's most hotly contested City Council race", with heavy spending by local labor unions in favor of Campbell and by local business groups supporting the Republican incumbent. In the November election Campbell won, 56% to 44%. 

Deeann Hopings

Transgender Activist

DeeAnn retired from her career as a Mechanical Engineer after 43 years, including six years as an expatriate in Taiwan. With her last employer, DeeAnn held leadership positions in various Diversity and Inclusion groups. Activism work continued here with stints as a board member for the Transgender Community Coalition and the Transgender Health and Wellness Center. Currently she volunteers for Palm Springs Pride

Featured guests:

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