WEDNESDAY, October 2nd


Day 4. BODY AND SOUL - Wednesday, Oct. 2, 2019, 9am - 1pm

A day devoted to discussing the relationship between body and mind and how maintaining both a healthy body and frame of mind leads to a lifestyle that brings you the best life has to offer. Topics include: Suppressing the Urge to Kill - Managing Stress.  Controlling Your Diet without Losing your Mind,  Spirituality as a Cure for What Ails You. In the late morning there will be workshops with hands-on demonstrations of massage, meditation, yoga, reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture and other techniques designed for relaxation and improving physical health. 

LOCATION: Palm Springs Women’s Club,314 S. Cahuilla, Palm Springs  

TICKETS: $25 (new price)

Dr. Vinita Verghese
Keynote Speaker
Internal Medicine

Vinita Verghese, MD, Board Certified in Internal Medicine earned her medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She currently has a practice with Eisenhower Health.

Dr. Stephanie Armstrong

Specialist - Food Disorders

Author of "Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat" will discuss the relationship between food and women's lives.

Dr. Donna Fletman

Retired Physician

Dr. Donna Fletman is a retired radiologist from Eisenhower Health. She will discuss taking small steps to make big strides in improving your health.

Shawnta Valdes

 Meditation Instructor

Suppressing the urge kill...a conversation on managing stress with Buddhist meditation. She will demonstrate several simple relaxation techniques.

Dale Olansky

Spiritual Living Mentor

A well-known Religious Science practitioner - from the Center for Spiritual Living in Palm Desert -  will talk about how to use spiritual tools to develop a healthy body and mind.


Susan Brennan


 "Over the years, using a holistic approach I have developed, I have  particular expertise treating neck pain, backache, knee stiffness and jaw problems. I have always been amazed by the human body—its vulnerabilities and its incredible ability to heal itself."

Gitte Europa


Europa Gitte is an Evolutionary Midwife - a Soul Connector and Life Master, a

Reiki MasterTeacher. 

Gitte will discuss and demonstrate Reiki, the

hands-on Universal Life Force healing energy. Reiki helps you center and balance your

body, mind, spirit and emotions. It ignites your inner light, and connects you deeper 

to yourself to your journey to health and wholeness.

Ariella Moon

Chakra Healing

What wounds and seeds for illness are embedded in your chakras? 

Discover the deep connection between your body's energy centers (chakras) and

your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Shaman Ariella Moon is an ordained Rev. Priestess of Avalon, holding Center with the Goddess Temple of Palm Springs. She is also an initiated Wiccan Priestess, Reiki Master, and a Path of Light Level Four, Shaman Master Healer. To learn more, please visit


Sharon Siegel

Walking the Labyrinth

Sharon Siegel is a psychotherapist. She has studied the Divine Feminine for more than 25 years.  Ordained by the Abbey of Avalon as the High Priestess of the Goddess Temple of Palm Springs, she is a Reiki Master, an Oracle

Ruby Carter-Pikes

Fitness for Aging

"I know firsthand that fitness plays a huge part in the aging gracefully process. Many diseases can be managed by simply making small changes in what one eats and with daily physical activity."

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